A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is my first game - It's a version of Pong where you play Quidditch. Catch the Golden (yellow) Snitch with your red Gryffindor Seeker before the Green Slytherin Seeker to end the game, and score 150 points! You can also score 10 points by hitting the Burgundy Quaffle into a black goal of your opponent!


W/S to control Left Paddle

Arrows to control Red Gryffindor Seeker

Install instructions

Unzip and run as normal!


Quidditch Pong 10 MB
Quidditch Pong OSX 12 MB


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Could do with sound!

Love the multi-control idea. Bit hard to track at first, but gets easier.

I know you already said, but I look forward to the AI of the Slytherin Seeker and Snitch being improved!